Plant Quarantine Manual

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Table of Contents (Updated 8-12-1)   HTML - PDF
Quick Reference
Special Handling
Laws and Regulations
Federal Quarantines - Foreign and Territorial
Federal Quarantines - Domestic
Federal Orders
State Exterior Quarantines
State Interior Quarantines
Quarantine Map Links
State Miscellaneous Rulings
County Restrictions

Quarantine Areas (Updated 03-16-12) HTML- PDF


Terminal Inspection (Updated 03-25-98) HTML- PDF
Interstate Shipments (Updated 01-19-10) HTML - PDF
Hawaiian Plant Material (Updated 11-18-19) HTML- PDF
Animal Policy (Updated 09-03-08) HTML - PDF
Weed Policy (Updated 06-09-14) HTML - PDF AND REGULATIONS


FAC 5705 Intrastate Shipments- Approval for Release (Updated 12-16-19)  HTML- PDF
FAC 6301 Incorporation of Federal Regulations (Updated 08-19-98) HTML- PDF
FAC 6404 Origin Inspection- AZ, CO, HI, MS, NM, NV, OH, OR, UT, WA (Updated 12-12-2019) HTML - PDF
CCR 3558 Insects-Permit/Exempt (Updated 12-22-10) HTML- PDF
CCR 3556 Feed Grain-Approved Mills (Updated 11-15-19) HTML- PDF
CCR 3557 Seed Screenings and Cleanings- Approved Mills (Updated 11-20-19)  HTML- PDF QUARANTINES


Federal Foreign Quarantines (Updated 03-27-07) HTML- PDF
Federal Hawaiian and Territorial Quarantines (Updated 07-30-14) HTML - PDF DOMESTIC QUARANTINES

301.10 Definitions
301.11 Imported Plants and Plant Parts
(Updated 12-22-97) HTML- PDF

301.32 Fruit Flies (Updated 07-10-14) HTML - PDF

301.38 Black Stem Rust (Updated 05-15-13) HTML - PDF
301.45 Gypsy Moth (Updated 04-14-17) HTML- PDF
301.48 Japanese Beetle (Updated 09-01-15) HTML - PDF
301.50 Pine Shoot Beetle (Updated 01-12-16) HTML- PDF
301.51 Asian Longhorned Beetle (Updated 11-19-15) HTML- PDF
301.52 Pink Bollworm (Updated 09-27-18) HTML- PDF
301.53 Emerald Ash Borer (Updated 12-06-19) HTML- PDF

301.55 South American Cactus Moth (Updated 07-15-10) HTML- PDF
301.64 Mexican Fruit Fly (See consolidated Quarantine 301.32 Fruit Flies) HTML- PDF
301.74 Plum Pox (Updated 10-10-16) HTML- PDF
301.75 Citrus Canker (Updated 06-13-17) HTML-PDF
301.76 Citrus Greening and Asian Citrus Psyllid (Updated 03-19-18)  HTML- PDF

301.78 Mediterranean Fruit Fly (See consolidated Quarantine 301.32 Fruit Flies) HTML- PDF
301.80 Witchweed (Updated 02-22-07) HTML- PDF
301.81 Imported Fire Ant (Updated 04-20-18) HTML - PDF
301.85 Golden Nematode (Updated 02-22-18) HTML - PDF
301.87 Sugarcane Diseases (Updated 08-26-98) HTML - PDF
301.89 Karnal Bunt (Updated 10-20-16) HTML - PDF
301.91 European Larch Canker (Updated 08-23-11) HTML - PDF
301.92 Phytophthora ramorum (Updated 08-12-19) HTML -PDF - ALSO SEE FEDERAL ORDER
301.93 Oriental Fruit Fly (See consolidated Quarantine 301.32 Fruit Flies) HTML - PDF
301.97 Melon Fruit Fly (See consolidated Quarantine 301.32 Fruit Flies) HTML - PDF
301.98 West Indian Fruit Fly (See consolidated Quarantine 301.32 Fruit Flies) HTML - PDF
301.99 Sapote Fruit Fly (See consolidated Quarantine 301.32 Fruit Flies) HTML - PDF ORDERS

Light Brown Apple Moth (Updated 4-15-13) HTML- PDF

Lobesia botrana (European Grapevine Moth) (Updated 03-02-12) HTML - PDF
Guignardia citricarpa, Casual Agent of Citrus Black Spot (CBS)
(Updated 12-06-19) HTML - PDF

Sweet Orange Scab (Update 09-06-16) HTML PDF

Phytophthora ramorum DA-2012-53 (Pre Notification Requirements) (Update 12-12-12) HTML PDF

Giant African Snail (Lissachatina fulica) (Update 04-17-12) HTML PDF EXTERIOR QUARANTINES

3250 Citrus Pests (Updated 02-28-17) HTML- PDF
3251 Chestnut Bark and Oak Wilt Diseases (Updated 01-04-12) HTML- PDF
3252 Caribbean Fruit Fly (Updated 11-01-19) HTML- PDF
3254 Cotton Pest (Updated 04-21-04) HTML- PDF
3256 Cherry Fruit Fly (Updated 11-07-08) HTML- PDF
3257 Sweet Potato Weevil (Updated 07-09-08) HTML- PDF
3259 Peach Tree Diseases (Updated 04-26-83) HTML- PDF
3260 Nut Tree Pests (Updated 11-03-89) HTML- PDF
3261 Ozonium Root Rot (Updated 03-09-89) HTML- PDF
3262 Peach Mosaic Disease (Updated 07-10-15) HTML- PDF
3263 European Corn Borer (Updated 11-08-19 ) HTML- PDF
3264 Colorado Potato Beetle (Updated 09-22-06) HTML- PDF
3265 Persimmon Root Borer (Updated 02-15-91) HTML- PDF
3266 Plum Curculio and Blueberry Maggot (Updated 05-05-11) HTML- PDF
3271 Burrowing and Reniform Nematode (Updated 10-09-18) HTML- PDF
3272 Cornstalk and Sugarcane Borers (Updated 10-24-13) HTML- PDF
3273 Walnut and Pecan Pests (Updated 08-02-07) HTML- PDF
3274 Cedar-Apple Rust (Updated 12-11-98) HTML- PDF
3275 European Pine Shoot Moth (Updated 09-19-03) HTML- PDF
3276 Peach Rosette Disease (Updated 12-11-98) HTML- PDF
3277 Cereal Leaf Beetle (Repealed 10-01-14)
3280 Japanese Beetle (Updated 09-01-15) HTML- PDF
3281 Hydrilla (Updated 10-28-98) HTML- PDF
3282 Lethal Yellowing of Palm (Updated 04-21-14) HTML- PDF
3286 Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (Repealed 08-14-11) INTERIOR QUARANTINES

3400 Peach Mosaic Disease (Updated 07-10-15) HTML- PDF
3401 Ozonium Root Rot (Updated 08-05-98) HTML- PDF
3406 Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Updated 12-22-14) HTML- PDF
3407 Citrus Tristeza Virus (Updated 03-27-18) HTML- PDF - MAP

3408 Gypsy Moth (Update 03-25-11) HTML - PDF

3409 Pink Bollworm (Updated 02-15-84) HTML- PDF
3410 Hydrilla (Updated 11-26-19) HTML- PDF
3414 Cherry Fruit Fly (Updated 12-06-90) HTML-PDF
3417 Mexican Fruit Fly (Updated 1-16-18) HTML- PDF
3419 Date Palm Disease (Updated 03-03-99) HTML- PDF
3423 Oriental Fruit Fly (Updated 12-18-14) HTML- PDF
3428 Chrysanthemum White Rust (Updated 03-03-99) HTML- PDF
3429 Sweet Potato Weevil (Updated 03-03-99) HTML- PDF
3430 Karnal Bunt (Updated 02-23-12) HTML- PDF
3432 Red Imported Fire Ant (Updated 08-16-99) HTML- PDF
3425 Melon Fruit Fly  (Updated 06-03-11)HTML- PDF
3424 Bactrocera zonata (peach fruit fly) (Updated 08-28-18) HTML - PDF

3434 Light Brown Apple Moth (Updated 11-10-15) HTML - PDF

3435 Asian Citrus Psyllid (Updated 12-28-17) HTML - PDF - MAP

3436 Bactrocera albistrigata (white striped fruit fly) (Update 02-08-10) HTML - PDF

3437 European Grapevine Moth (Lobesia botrana) (Update 08-16-16) HTML PDF MAP

3439 Huanglongbing Disease (Update 05-25-18) HTML PDF - MAP

3441 Guava Fruit Fly (Updated 05-20-15) HTML-PDF- MAP

3442 Malaysian Fruit Fly (Updated 02-04-16) HTML-PDF MISCELLANEOUS RULINGS

3559 Garlic Production in Mono County (Updated 07-22-98) HTML- PDF
3597 Lettuce Root Aphid Host-Free Districts (Updated 07-22-98) HTML- PDF
3610 Western Celery Mosaic Host-Free Districts and Periods (Updated 07-22-98) HTML - PDF
3611 Lettuce Mosaic Host-Free District and Period (Updated 07-22-98)  HTML - PDF

3640 Nematodes: Commercially Clean Nursery Stock for Farm Planting (Update 11-10-16) HTML- PDF
3650 Pierce's Disease Control Program (Updated 10-15-14) HTML - PDF
3700 Oak Mortality Disease Control (Updated 02-25-14) HTML - PDF

3701 Citrus Nursery Stock Pest Cleanliness Program (Updated 11-10-16) HTML- PDF RESTRICTIONS

Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer (Updated 05-18-93) HTML- PDF
Citrus Nursery Stock and Budwood (Updated 10-10-19) HTML- PDF
Verticillium dahliae Control, Glenn County (Updated 08-11-15) HTML- PDF

Verticillium dahliae Control, Siskiyou County (Updated 07-12-18) HTML- PDF

Grape Phylloxera (Updated 03-28-01) HTML- PDF
Yellow Leaf Roll of Peach and Nectarine Trees (Updated 01-12-98)  HTML- PDF
Wooly Whitefly (Updated 01-12-98) HTML- PDF
Apple Maggot (Updated 08-08-11) HTML- PDF
Glassy-winged Sharpshooter (Updated 04-15-05) HTML- PDF

Lettuce Mosaic Disease (Update 03-04-14) HTML - PDF 01-30-15) HTML- PDF