All grapevines and cuttings (rooted or otherwise) are prohibited entry into or movement within El Dorado, Glenn, Lake, Mariposa, Nevada and Placer Counties unless accompanied by an origin certificate or a treatment certificate as stated herein.

Origin certificates may be issued when the regulatory official in the shipping county or state has surveyed for the insect grape phylloxera in the area and is confident that the pest does not occur in the growing area. The certificate should indicate "no grape phylloxera is known to exist in the area where the vines or cuttings were grown."

"Area" means a specific property of a person/firm or a specific nursery stock growing ground and not necessarily a district or community within a county.

All shipments of grapevines and cuttings, rooted or otherwise, destined to El Dorado, Glenn, Lake, Mariposa, Nevada and Placer Counties must be held at destination for inspection by the county agricultural commissioner.

LAKE COUNTY: Soil fumigation methods of Nursery NIPM Item No. l2 may be used in lieu of other treatments provided the following procedures have been followed:

l. origin nursery growing grounds were inspected by qualified county/state agricultural biologists/inspectors during the producing season; and

2. county agricultural commissioner's qualified personnel supervised the soil fumigation; and

3. identity and count of the material was maintained.

EL DORADO, GLENN, LAKE, MARIPOSA, NEVADA, AND PLACER COUNTIES: Vines or cuttings originating from uncertified or phylloxera infested areas must be treated by one of the two following methods:

1. Hot Water Treatment: Complete submergence in water at a temperature of l25oF. for 5 minutes or l30o F. for 3 minutes (we suggest l25oF for 5 minutes).

2. Methyl Bromide Fumigation: Atmospheric fumigation in an approved gas-tight fumigation chamber, equipped with a heating unit, fan for dispersal of gas and clearing chamber of gas after fumigation, an interior thermometer (visible from the outside), and humidity 75% or over with a dosage of two pounds of methyl bromide per l,000 cu. ft. for a period of three hours at a temperature of not less than 65oF. The fan to be operated during and for ten minutes after the injection of the gas.


The following rules govern the movement of machinery, field equipment, tractors, grape picking boxes, used grape stakes, or other appliances used in culturing, harvesting, or transporting within the vineyard:

l. all such equipment shall be held for inspection upon arrival in El Dorado, Glenn, Lake, Mariposa, Nevada, or Placer Counties for use therein, and shall not be used until inspected and released by the county agricultural commissioner;

2. all such equipment shall be inspected and released, if:

a. accompanied by a certificate signed by the county agricultural commissioner at origin stating that such equipment has not previously been used in an infested area; or

b. certified by the county agricultural commissioner at origin as having been thoroughly cleaned and free of all soil and debris immediately prior to entry into El Dorado, Glenn, Lake, Mariposa, Nevada, or Placer Counties;

3. all such equipment found contaminated with soil and debris, and not certified as in 2.a. above:

a. may be refused movement from that area, or

b. shall be treated at the owner's expense in an area designated by and under the supervision of the county agricultural commissioner.

Certificates - Use "Certificate of Quarantine Compliance", Form 66-079, to certify material. Indicate "No grape phylloxera is known to exist in the area where these grapevines were grown" or give treatment.

Enforcement - Any person, firm, partnership, association, or corporation who violates or causes the violation of any of the provisions of these ordinances shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

California Nursery Stock Certificates should not be used for shipping grapevines and cuttings to any of the above named counties. Such material must be shipped under blue tag.