3408.   GYPSY MOTH

State Interior Quarantine.

A quarantine is established against the following pest, its hosts, and possible carriers.


A.    Pest. Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) a lepidopterous insect of the family Lymantriidae which in the larval stage defoliates many species of trees and shrubs.


B.    Quarantine Area.  The area under quarantine for Gypsy Moth is:

Text Box: Effective October 4, 2010, regulatory quarantine enforcement has ceased in Ventura County (Ojai Area). 




Ventura County (Ojai Area):

Beginning at the intersection of Cooper Canyon Road and Meyers Road; then, easterly along Meyers Road to its intersection with N Rice Road; then, southeasterly along N Rice Road to its intersection with Fairview Road; then, easterly along Fairview Road to its intersection with State Highway 33; then, starting southeasterly along State Highway 33 to its intersection with E Villanova Road; then, starting southeasterly along E Villanova Road to its intersection with W Villanova Road; then, southwesterly along W Villanova Road to its intersection with State Highway 33; then, easterly along an imaginary line to its intersection with the eastern most point of Pegasus Street; then, westerly along Pegasus Street to its western most point; then, westerly along an imaginary line to its intersection with State Highway 150 and an unnamed creek at 34.426645 latitude and -119.296383 longitude; then, starting southwesterly along State Highway 150 to its intersection with Macdonald Drive; then, starting northerly along Macdonald Drive to its intersection with Shokat Drive; then, northerly along an imaginary line to its intersection with Willis Canyon Road at 34.449177 latitude and -119.310359 longitude; then, northeasterly along an imaginary line to the point of beginning.


 C.  Articles and Commodities Covered.  The following are declared to be hosts and possible carriers of the gypsy moth:


1.     Trees, shrubs with persistent woody stems, and parts of such trees and shrubs except seeds, fruits, and cones.

2.     Timber and building materials, including such items as lumber, planks, poles, logs, firewood, fencing and building blocks.

3.     Mobile homes, recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, and associated equipment.

4.       Outdoor household articles including furniture, garden tools and garden machinery.

5.     Any other items or means of conveyance not covered above when it is determined by a State plant quarantine officer that the item presents a hazard of spread of the gypsy moth and the person in possession thereof has been so notified.


D.    Restrictions.  Items under quarantine are prohibited movement from the area under quarantine except under the following conditions:


1. Any item under quarantine may be inspected and certified by a State plant quarantine officer if, in his opinion and judgment, it is free of all stages of gypsy moth. Any item that in the opinion and judgment of a State plant quarantine officer is too large or for other reasons cannot be adequately inspected for all stages of gypsy moth will not be certified except as indicated in paragraphs (3) and (4) below.


2.       Garden prunings from trees and shrubs may be moved to the city or county dumps where such material is to be buried, incinerated, composted, or otherwise treated or handled in a manner that is approved by the County Agricultural Commissioner. Certification is not necessary for such material picked up by city or county vehicles or trucking companies under contract to haul such material.


3.       Any item which cannot be adequately inspected as stated in (1) above may be moved from the quarantine area if cleaned or treated as prescribed by the Secretary and in a manner satisfactory to the County Agricultural Commissioner. Items cleaned or treated shall be certified by the County Agricultural Commissioner or a State plant quarantine officer for movement from the quarantine area.


4.       The County Agricultural Commissioner or State plant quarantine inspectors may also certify items for movement when in their judgment the item has not been exposed to infestation, or has not been exposed to infestation after properly being inspected, cleaned, or treated.


E.       Director May Issue Special Permits. The Director may issue special permits allowing movement of articles or commodities otherwise prohibited. The permit shall state any and all mandatory provisions or conditions under which movement will be allowed.


Gypsy Moth Quarantine Map


Ventura County

Ojai Quarantine Area (removed)