State Miscellaneous Ruling

The Secretary finds that lettuce mosaic virus disease exists in certain lettuce growing areas of California and that this pest cannot be eradicated or effectively controlled by recognized ordinary means.

A. Hosts. Lettuce (Lactuca spp.) and endive or escarole (Cichorium endivia).

  • Host-Free District. The entire County of Monterey.
  • Host-Free Period. The host-free period for the district described in subsection (B) shall commence on December 7 and end on December 21 of each year.
  • Restrictions. No host plant including greenhouse seed crop plants or transplants or part thereof, except seed, shall be planted or maintained in any state of cultivation or growth in any lettuce mosaic host-free district during the host-free period unless authorized under a permit issued by the Secretary or agricultural commissioner of the county in which the district is located. During the existence of the host-free period, any host plant or part thereof, except seed, which is planted, growing or being cultivated or maintained within a host-free district, is a public nuisance and subject to all the laws which relate to the abatement of such nuisance.