State Miscellaneous Ruling

Host-free districts are established against the following pest and its hosts in Monterey County.

A. Pest. Lettuce Root Aphid, Pemphigus bursarius

B. Host-Free Districts. The following areas are declared lettuce root aphid host-free districts:

1. District 1. Pajaro Valley.

2. District 2. Salinas Valley.

C. Hosts. Lombardy poplar, Populas nigra cv.'Italica', and lettuce, Lactuca sativa.

D. Restrictions

1. The planting, growing, cultivating, or maintenance in any manner of Lombardy poplar is prohibited except under permit by the Director or Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner.

2. Lettuce maybe planted, grown, cultivated or maintained in any lettuce root aphid host-free district at any time, except when prohibited by Section 3611, California Code of Regulations.