State Interior Quarantine


Regulation information (text and quarantine boundaries) for California State Interior Quarantine CCR 3434 (Light Brown Apple Moth) are now available at:




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The following information is provided for clarification purposes only.


Petioles and Leaf Sheaths

Appendix A           03-30-11


Petiole samples for nutrient analysis, that may or may not include leaf sheaths, may be submitted to laboratories approved to receive such samples under the terms of a special permit as authorized under Title 3, Section 3154 of the California Code of Regulations.


Additional Exemptions – Master Permit QC 1300

Appendix B          03-30-11


Green waste composed solely of wood/bark, free of any leafy material.


Dormant bulbs (without green shoots), tubers and rhizomes.


Grape spurs and canes (of the current year’s growth, that are dormant and hardened off but which do not have flaking bark like a cordon or trunk) to be destructively sampled.


Olive fruit when free from leaves and stems/twigs (whether commercially produced or not)



Additional Exemptions

Appendix C          11-10-15


The current list of all federally exempted articles is posted on the USDA APHIS LBAM webpage:




The list of federally exempted cut flowers and succulents is posted on the USDA APHIS LBAM webpage: