State Interior Quarantine

A quarantine is established against the following pest, its hosts, and possible carriers.

A. Pest. A form of the fungus, (Fusarium oxysporum), which initiates a serious disease in Canary island date palm, Phoenix canariensis, and clump palm, P. reclinata. Seedlings of the date palm, P. dactylifera, are killed when injected with, or planted in soil infested with, the pathogen. There is reasonable cause to presume that this fungus isolate will be pathogenic to mature date palms, P. dactylifera, and other palms of the genus Phoenix.

B. Area Under Quarantine. The quarantine area shall be all of California except the protected area. The protected area is:

1. Imperial County - the entire county.

2. Inyo County - Township 27 north, Range 1 east, which includes the Furnace Creek Ranch of Death Valley.

3. Riverside County - all of Riverside County east of the eastern boundary of Range 2 east. (This boundary line runs north and south just east of the Town of Cabazon in Riverside County.)

C. Articles and Commodities Covered.

1. All plants and parts for propagation, including seed, of the palm genus Phoenix.

2. Saws, knives, or other tools used for trimming or pruning palms of the genus Phoenix.

D. Restrictions. Articles and commodities covered are prohibited movement into the protected area, except that trimming or pruning tools will be allowed movement into the protected area when certified by a plant quarantine officer as being sterilized in an approved manner. The movement of articles and commodities covered is not restricted in any way when such movement is entirely within the area under quarantine or entirely within the protected area.

E. Exceptions.

1. There are no restrictions of movement through the "protected" area as long as the commodities covered are neither in transit more than 48 hours nor off-loaded en route.

2. The Secretary may issue special permits allowing entry of commodities otherwise prohibited. The permit shall state any and all mandatory provisions or conditions under which entry will be allowed.


APPENDIX A 10-17-80

There are no restrictions on the movement of palm trees in the area under quarantine. Nursery and Seed Services regulations however, would not allow movement of this pest in the nursery trade. The disease is not known to be of general distribution in California. The quarantine covers the entire state for the protection of the Southern California Date Industry, an area free of the disease.