State Exterior Quarantine

A quarantine is established against the following pest, its hosts and possible carriers:

A. Pest. The persimmon root borer, Sannina uroceriformis, an insect which causes serious damage to the Oriental persimmon on Oriental rootstock.

B. Area Under Quarantine. All states, districts and territories of the United States.

C. Articles and Commodities Covered. All species and varieties of persimmon (Diospyros spp.) trees, parts capable of propagation (including rootstocks) and green (unseasoned) wood are declared to be hosts or possible carriers of the pest except fruits, seeds, buds, and/or scions.

D. Restrictions. All articles and commodities listed in (C) are prohibited entry into California from the area under quarantine.


APPENDIX A 03/09/89

Persimmon nursery stock grown in California is being shipped to the State of Washington and being safeguarded there. Some of this California origin persimmon nursery stock is being reshipped to California with a Washington State Department of Agriculture Nursery Stock Inspection Certificate clearly stating the bareroot persimmon stock was grown in California. Washington State Agriculture Certified California origin bareroot persimmon stock presents no pest risk for the persimmon root borer.


APPENDIX B 02/15/91

Persimmon nursery stock grown in California is being shipped to Oregon. Some of this California origin nursery stock is being reshipped into California with an Oregon Certificate of Quarantine Compliance. Oregon verifies that the trees are truly California origin and are safeguarded while in Oregon. There is virtually no chance of exposure to persimmon root borer or diseases due to the season and storage in a cooler.