Federal Domestic Quarantine

A. Pest. Plum pox. A plant disease caused by plum pox potyvirus that can affect many Prunus (stone fruit) species, including, but not limited to, almond, apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, and sweet and tart cherry. The strain of plum pox in Pennsylvania does not affect cherry trees.

B. Regulated Articles.

1.   All plant material and plant parts of Prunus (stone fruit) species other than P. avium, P. cerasus, P. effusa, P. laurocerasus, P. mahaleb, P. padus, P. sargentii, P. serotina, P. serrula, P. serrulata, P. subhirtella, P. yedoensis, and P. virginiana, except for seeds and fruit that is free of leaves and other plant parts. This includes, but is not limited to, trees, seedlings, root stock, budwood, branches, twigs, and leaves.

2.   Any other product or article that an inspector determines to present a risk of spreading plum pox when the inspector notifies the person in possession of the product or article that it is subject to the restrictions in the regulations.

C. Quarantined Areas.

Text Box: Effective October 29, 2009, the entire state of Pennsylvania has been removed from the Area under Quarantine. Please see APPENDIX B for Additional Infested Areas.





D. Conditions governing the interstate movement of regulated articles from quarantined areas.

1.  The interstate movement of any regulated article from a quarantined area is prohibited except:

a. For an experimental or scientific purpose;
b. Pursuant to a Departmental permit issued by the Administrator for the regulated article;
c.   Under conditions specified on the Departmental permit and found by the Administrator to be adequate to prevent the spread of plum pox, and;
d.   With a tag or label bearing the number of the Departmental permit issued for the regulated article attached to the outside of  the container of the regulated article or attached to the regulated article itself if not in a container, or;

2. The regulated article originated outside the quarantined area and:

e. Is moved in an enclosed vehicle or is completely enclosed by a covering (such as canvas,       plastic, or other closely woven cloth) adequate to prevent access by aphids or other transmission    agents of plum pox  while in the quarantined area;

f. The regulated article's point of origin is indicated on the waybill, and;
g. The regulated article must not be uncovered, unpacked, or unloaded while moving through the   quarantined area.


APPENDIX A -        06-02-00

Common Name   Scientific Name

Sweet cherry                         Prunus avium

Tart cherry                            Prunus cerasus

Royal cherry                         Prunus effusa

English cherry laurel            Prunus lauracerasus

Mahaleb cherry                   Prunus mahaleb

Bird cherry                            Prunus padus

Sargent cherry                      Prunus sargentii

Black cherry                         Prunus serotina

Birchbark cherry  Prunus serrulata

Higan cherry                         Prunus subhirtella

Yoshino cherry                     Prunus yedoensis

Chokecherry                         Prunus virginiana


APPENDIX B                      10-10-16

New York:

Niagara County:


Effective January 29, 2016, Niagara County has been removed from area under quarantine.


    Orange County: Portion of the county.


    Orleans County:


Effective September 5, 2013, Orleans County has been removed from area under quarantine.


Ulster County: Portion of the county.


Wayne County:


    Effective September 5, 2013, Wayne County has been removed from area under quarantine.


Ontario, Canada: Three sites have been confirmed, two sites in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and one in St. Catharines.