Federal Domestic Quarantine

A. Pest. European Larch Canker (Lachnellula willkommii)

B. Regulated Area.

In The State of Maine:

Hancock County. The entire townships of Gouldsboro, Serrento, Sullivan, Winter Harbor, 7th Southern Division, 9th Southern Division, 10th Southern Division, and 16th Middle Division.

Knox County. The entire townships of Appleton, Camden, Cushing, Friendship, Hope, Owls Head, Rockland City, Rockport, South Thomaston, St. George, Thomaston, Union, Warren, and Washington.

Lincoln County. The entire townships of Alna, Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Bremen, Bristol, Damariscotta, Edgecomb, Jefferson, Newcastle, Nobleboro, South Bristol, Somerville, Southport, Waldoboro, Westport, and Wiscassett.

Waldo County. The entire townships of Lincolnville and Searsmont.

Washington County. The entire townships of Addison, Baring Plantation, Beals, Beddington, Berry, Calais City, Cathance, Centerville, Charolotte, Cherryfield, Columbia, Columbia Falls, Cooper, Cutler, Debolis, Dennysville, East Machias, Eastport, Edmunds, Harrington, Jonesboro, Jonesport, Lubec, Machias, Machiasport, Marion, Marshfield, Meddybemps, Milbridge, Northfield, Pembroke, Perry, Robbinston, Roque Bluffs, Steuben, Trescott, Whiting, Whitneyville, 18th Middle Division Bingham’s Penobscot Purchase, 19th Middle Division Bingham’s Penobscot Purchase, 24th Middle Division Bingham’s Penobscot Purchase, and 25th Middle Division BPP.


C. Regulated Articles.

1. Logs, pulpwood, branches, twigs, plants, scion, and other propagative material of Larix spp. and Pseudolarix spp. except seeds.

2. Any other product, article, or means of conveyance, of any character whatsoever, when it is determined by an inspector that it presents a risk of spread of European larch canker and the person in possession thereof has actual notice that the product, article or means of conveyance is subject to the restrictions in the quarantine and regulations.

D. Restrictions.

Any regulated article may be moved interstate from any regulated area in a quarantined State only if moved under the following conditions:

1. With a certificate or limited permit issued and attached; or

2. Without a certificate or limited permit;

a. If moved to a contiguous regulated area; or

b. If moved directly through (moved without stopping except under normal traffic conditions such as traffic lights or stop signs) any regulated area in an enclosed vehicle or in an enclosed container on a vehicle to prevent the introduction of European larch canker;

1. If the article originated outside of any regulated area; and

2. If the point of origin of any article is clearly indicated by shipping documents and its identity has been maintained.