Federal Domestic Quarantine

A. Pests. Gummosis - Xanthomonas vasculorum , leaf scall - Xanthomonas albilineans.

B. Regulated Articles. 301.87-2.

1. Sugarcane plants, whole, or in part, including true seed and bagasse, but not including pieces of cane boiled for a minimum of 30 minutes during processing into sugarcane chews (See Appendix A).

2. Used sugarcane processing equipment (sugarcane mill equipment, such as equipment for extracting and refining sugarcane juice; and experimental devices, such as devised used for extracting sugarcane juice).

3. Used sugarcane field equipment (equipment used for sugarcane field production purposes, e.g., planters, tractors, discs, cultivators, and vehicles).

4. Sugarcane juice; and

5. Any other product, article, or means of conveyance, of any character whatsoever, not covered by paragraph (1), (2), (3), or (4), when it is determined by an inspector that it presents a risk of spread of a sugarcane disease and the person in possession of it has actual notice that the product, article, or means of conveyance is subject to the restrictions of this section.

C. Regulated Areas. 301.87-3.

Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

D. Restrictions. 301.87-4.

Any regulated article may be moved interstate from any regulated area in a quarantined State if moved under the following conditions:

1. With a certificate or limited permit.

2. Without a certificate or limited permit, if:

a. Moved directly through any regulated area, and

b. The article originated outside of any regulated area, and

c. The point of origin of the articles clearly indicated by shipping documents, its identity has been maintained, and it has not been used for the production of sugarcane while in the regulated area.

E.. Approved Treatment. 301.87-10

1. Seedpieces (pieces of sugarcane sets) or canes of sugarcane: Pre-soak for 24 hours in water at room temperature and then immerse in water at 50oC (122oF) for 3 hours.

Note--Some seedpieces or canes of sugarcane which have germinated may be damaged by this procedure.

2. True seed (fuzz): Immerse in 0.525 percent sodium hypochlorite solution for 30 minutes (solution shall contain 1 part of solution containing 5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite with 9 parts water by volume). Air dry at least 8 hours before packaging.

3. Bagasse: Subject to dry heat at 70oC (158oF) for 2 hours.

4. Sugarcane harvesting and processing equipment: Remove all debris and soil from the equipment with water at high pressure (at least 300 pounds per square inch) or with steam.

5. Sugarcane juice: Heat at 100oC (212oF) for 10 or more minutes.

APPENDIX A 10-23-87

Sugarcane chews are stripped of their epidermis and are not capable of propagation.