Federal Domestic Quarantine


A. Pest. Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora  glabripennis).


B. Regulated Articles.


1.     Firewood (all hardwood species), green lumber and other material living, dead, cut, or fallen (inclusive of nursery stock), logs, stumps, roots, branches, and debris of a half an inch or more in diameter of the following genera: Acer (maple), Aesculus (horse chestnut), Albizia (mimosa), Betula (birch), Celtis (hackberry), Cercidiphyllum spp. (katsura) Fraxinus (ash), Koelreuteria (golden rain treet), Platanus (sycamore), Populus (poplar), Salix (willow), Sorbus (mountain ash), and Ulmus (elm). (Also see Appendix A)


2.     Any other article, product, or means of conveyance not covered by paragraph (a) of this section if an inspector determines that it presents a risk of spreading Asian longhorned beetle and notifies the person in possession of the article, product, or means of conveyance that it is subject to the restrictions of this subpart.


C.       Quarantine Counties (Also see Appendix B)




Text Box: Effective November 19, 2015 the Suffolk and Norfolk Counties in Massachusetts have been removed from areas under quarantine





Worcester County. The portion of Worcester County, including portions or all of the municipalities of Worcester, Holden, West Boylston, Boylston, Auburn, and Shrewsbury that is bounded by a line starting at the intersection of Route 9 (Belmont Street) and the eastern boundary of the town of Shrewsbury; then follow the Shrewsbury town boundary northerly until the Boylston Town boundary until it comes to the West Boylston Town boundary on the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Watershed Property; then along the West Boylston Town boundary until it intersects Manning Street; then southwest on Manning Street in Holden to Wachusett Street (Route 31); then south on Wachusett Street to Highland Street (still Route 31); then southwest on Highland Street to Main Street; then southeast on Main Street to Bailey Road; then south on Bailey Road to Chapin Road; then south on Chapin Road to its end; then continuing in a southeasterly direction to Fisher Road; then southwest on Fisher Road to Stonehouse Hill Road; then south on Stonehouse Hill Road to Reservoir Street; then southeast on Reservoir Street until it intersects the Worcester City boundary; turn south Oxford Street to Auburn Street; then southeast on Auburn Street crossing under the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) and continuing southeast on Millbury Street; at the intersection of Washington Street, turn northeast and continue along Washington Street to the northern boundary of the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90); then east along the  northern boundary of the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) to the Auburn Town boundary; then follow the Auburn Town boundary northerly to the Worcester City boundary; continue along the Worcester city boundary until the Shrewsbury town boundary; then follow the entirety of the Shrewsbury town boundary until the point of beginning.


       New Jersey:



Text Box: Effective March 14, 2013 the Middlesex and Union Counties in New Jersey have been removed from areas under quarantine.



New York:


New York City (Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens). Beginning at the point where the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel intersects the Manhattan shoreline of the East River; then west and north along the shoreline of the Hudson River to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard; then east on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and across the Triborough Bridge to its intersection with the west shoreline of Randall's and Wards Island; then east and south along the shoreline of Randall's and Wards Island to its intersection with the Triborough Bridge; then east along the Triborough Bridge to its intersection with the Queens shoreline; then north and east along the Queens shoreline to its intersection with the City of New York/Nassau County line; then southeast along the City of New York/Nassau County line to its intersection with the Grand Central Parkway; then west on the Grand Central Parkway to the Jackie Robinson Parkway; then west on the Jackie Robinson Parkway to Park Lane; then south on Park Lane to Park Lane South; then south and west on Park Lane South to 112th Street; then south on 112th Street to Atlantic Avenue; then west on Atlantic Avenue to 106th Street; then south on 106th Street to Liberty Avenue; then west on Liberty Avenue to Euclid Avenue; then south on Euclid Avenue to Linden Boulevard; then west on Linden Boulevard to Canton Avenue; then west on Canton Avenue to the Prospect Expressway; then north and west on the Prospect Expressway to the Gowanus Expressway; then north and west on the Gowanus Expressway to Hamilton Avenue and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel; then north on Hamilton Avenue and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel across the East River to the point of beginning.





Text Box: Effective May 14, 2013 the boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island in New York have been removed from areas under quarantine









Nassau and Suffolk Counties. That area in the villages of Amityville, West Amityville, North Amityville, Babylon, West Babylon, Copiague, Lindenhurst, Massapequa, Massapequa Park, and East Massapequa; in the towns of Oyster Bay and Babylon; in the counties of Nassau and Suffolk that is bounded as follows: Beginning at a point where West Main Street intersects the west shoreline of Carlis Creek; then west along West Main Street to Route 109; then north along Route 109 to Arnold Avenue; then northwest along Arnold Avenue to Albin Avenue; then west along Albin Avenue to East John Street; then west along East John Street to Wellwood Avenue; then north along Wellwood Avenue to the Southern State Parkway; then west along the Southern State Parkway to Broadway; then south along Broadway to Hicksville Road; then south along Hicksville Road to Division Avenue; then south along Division Avenue to South Oyster Bay; then east along the shoreline of South Oyster Bay to Carlis Creek; then along the west shoreline of Carlis Creek to the point of beginning.




Clermont County. The portion of Clermont County, including all of the municipalities of Tate and East Fork State Park, and portions of the Township of Monroe. The portions of the Townships of Batavia and Stonelick.




D.       Conditions Governing the Interstate Movement of Regulated Articles from Quarantined States.


1.        Any regulated article may be moved interstate from a quarantined area only if moved under the following conditions:


a.       With a certificate or limited permit;


b.       Without a certificate or limited permit if:


(1).   the regulated article is moved by the USDA for experimental or scientific purposes; or,


(2).   the regulated article originates outside the quarantined area and is moved interstate through the quarantined area under the following conditions:  the points of origin and destination are indicated on a waybill accompanying the regulated article; and the regulated article is moved through the quarantined area without stopping or has been stored, packed, or handled at locations approved by an inspector as not posing a risk of infestation by Asian longhorned beetle; and the article has not been combined or commingled with other articles so as to lose its individual identity.


2.       When an inspector has probable cause to believe a person or means of conveyance if moving a regulated article interstate, the inspector is authorized to stop the person or means of conveyance to determine whether a regulated article is present and to inspect the regulated article.  Articles found to be infected by an inspector, and articles not in compliance with the regulations in this sub part, may be seized, quarantined, treated, subjected to other remedial measures, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of.




APPENDIX A                                                                 04-19-11


Based upon scientific literature and/or Asian longhorned beetle program records, the following plant genera or species should be considered hosts:


Scientific Name

Common Name

Ailanthus spp.


Alnus spp.


Citrus spp.


Elaeagnus spp.


Hedysarum spp.


Hibiscus syriacus L.

Rose of Sharon

Koelreuteria spp.

Golden Rain Tree

Malus  spp.


Melia spp.


Morus  spp.


Prunus  spp.


Pyrus spp.


Quercus spp.


Robinia spp.


Sophora spp.

Pogoda Tree

Tilia spp.




APPENDIX B                                                                05-21-12


There are currently no additional infested areas for Asian Longhorned Beetle.