The following commodities may be released without inspection when bearing the “California Approval For Release of Intrastate Shipments” stamp. They have been placed under compliance agreement with their local agricultural commissioner to ship the items listed below (Food and Agriculture Code, Section 5705):


Blue Apron, Richmond, CA 07-001

Anise (AZ), Apples (WA), Artichokes (CA), Arugula (CA), Asparagus (Mexico), Avocado (Mexico), Banana Leaf (Mexico), Basil (Mexico), Bay Leaves (Mexico, CA), Beans Sprouts (CA), Beans (Mexico, CA), Bell Pepper (CA, Mexico), Beets (CA, Mexico), Blood Orange (CA), Bok Choy (CA),  Broccoli Rabe (CA), Broccolini (CA), Broccoli (CA), Brussel Sprouts (CA), Cabbage (CA, Mexico), Carrots (CA), Cauliflower (CA, AZ), Celery (CA), Celeriac Root (CA), Chard (CA), Chili Pepper (CA, Mexico),  Chives (Mexico, CA), Choy Miu (CA), Choy Sum (Mexico), Cilantro (CA), Corn (CA),  Cucumber (Mexico, CA) Daikon (CA), Dill (Mexico), Endive (CA), Escarole (CA), Eggplant (Mexico, CA),  Fennel (CA), Figs (CA), Frisee (CA, AZ), Gai lan (Mexico, CA), Garlic (China, CA, WI), Gherkin (Mexico), Ginger (China),  Grape (CA), Green Bean (CA, Mexico), Greens, Collard (CA), Horseradish (IL, CA), Husk Cherry (CA), Jalapeno Pepper (Mexico), Jicama (Mexico), Kale (CA), Kohlrabi (CA), Kumquats (CA), Leek (CA), Lemon (CA), Lemongrass (Mexico), Lime (CA, Mexico), Lettuce (CA, AZ), Micro Greens (CA), Mint (Mexico, CA), Mushrooms (CA, China),  Mustard Green (CA), Nectarine (CA), Nopales (Mexico), Okra (Honduras), Onion (WA, CA), Orange (Mexico, CA), Oregano (Mexico), Parsley (CA), Parsnip (CA, OR), Pea (CA), Pea Tendrils (Mexico),  Peach (CA),  Pear (OR, WA, CA), Pepper (CA), Pineapple (Costa Rica), Plantain (Ecuador),  Plum (CA), Poblano Pepper (Mexico),  Pomegranate Seeds (CA), Potatoes (ID, WA, CA, OR), Pumpkin (CA), Radicchio (AZ), Radishes (CA, Mexico), Red Pearl Onions (CA), Rosemary (Mexico), Sage (Mexico), Scallions (CA, Mexico), Shallots (ID, CA), Spaghetti Squash (Mexico), Spinach (CA), Squash (Mexico, CA), Sunchoke (CA), Sweet Italian Pepper (CA), Sweet Potatoes (CA), Swiss Chard (CA), Tangerine (CA), Tarragon (Mexico), Thai Bird Chili (Mexico), Thyme (Mexico), Tomatillo (Mexico, CA), Tomatoes (Mexico, CA), Treviso (CA), Turnip (CA), Watercress (FL), Yu Choy (Mexico), Zucchini (Mexico, CA).


Boys Republic, Chino, CA 36-001

Abies procera (WA), Brachychilon poplenus (CA), Citrus limon (CA),  Cedrus lebani (India), Dipsacus fullonum (CA, OR), Euscalyptus spp. (India), Jacaranda mimosifolia (CA), Liquidamber styraciflua (CA), Malus domestica (WA), Nylumbo lutea (FL), Pinus contorta latifolia (CA, NV, OR), P. ponderosa (CA, NV, OR), Pinus monophylla (CA, NV), Picea pungens glaca (CO, MT, UT), Picea sitchensis (MT, OR), Pseudotsuga menziesii (CO, MT, OR), Seriphium plumosa (South Africa), Thuja placata (CA, OR).


Diamond Organics, Moss Landing, 27-102

Lettuce, salad and specialty field greens, various dried and fresh fruits, fresh herbs and edible flowers, mushrooms, nuts vegetables, including roots and tubers.


Fresh Hope (goodbites tm), Los Angeles, CA 19-001 No Longer a Participant


Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc., Sebastopol, 49-03-01     



Harry and David, Exeter, 54-QC220-01

Apples, oranges, pears, plums (from Chile), Pine and Spruce nursery stock, and tangelos.             


Apples and pears


Harry and David, Reedley  10-001

Apples, nectarines, oranges, pears, peaches, plums (from Chile), Pine and Spruce nursery stock, and tangelos.


Hello Fresh, San Francisco 38 – 01Z14 - No Longer a Participant


Heirloom Organic Gardens, Hollister, 35-011

CA Origin: Amaranth, apricot, artichoke, arugula, asian greens, beans, beets, beet tops, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chard, chicory, collards, corn, cucumber, dandelion greens, fennel, gif leaves, grape leaves, greens, baby greens, kale, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, mizuna, mustard (Asian & American), nopales, onions, orach parsnips, peas, peppercress, potatoes, rabe, radicchio, radish, rutabaga, spinach, squash, tatsoi, tomatillo, tomatoes, tuna (cactus fruit), turnip, & walnuts; Herbs: ancho cress, basil, cilantro, fennel, lambsquarters, marjoram, mint, nettles, oregano, parsely (root & leaves), sage, sorrel, thyme, & watercress.


Home Chef, San Bernardino, CA 36-003

Anise, (CA), Apples, gala and granny smith (WA, Chile), Arugula, baby and wild organic (CA), Asparagus (Mexico, Peru), Avocadoes, hass (CA), Baby Tomatoes, mixed color (Mexico, CA), Basil, fresh herb (CA), Beets, red, yellow and gold (CA, Mexico), Bok choy, baby (CA), Bosc Pears (OR,  WA, Chile), Broccoli  crowns (CA),  Carrots, shredded (USA, Mexico), Carrots, table (CA), Cauliflower (CA), Celery, stalk, bunches (CA), Chard, green, Swiss Chard (CA), Chives (CA), Cilantro, boskovich (CA, Mexico), Cucumbers, baby Mediterranean (Mexico), Dill (CA), Eggplant (CA, Mexico), Fennel (CA), Garlic, peeled (CA, China),  Grape tomatoes (Mexico), Green beans (CA, Mexico), Green Bell Peppers (CA, Mexico), Green Onion, washed and cleaned (CA, Mexico), Heirloom cherry tomatoes (Mexico), Jalapeno chili, green (Mexico),Jerusalem Artichokes (OR), Kale green (CA), Kiwi, large (CA, Chile, Italy, New Zealand), Kumquats (CA), Lemon, premium fancy (CA), Limes, green (Mexico), Mandarins (CA, Chile), Manzano pepper (Mexico), Mushrooms, white medium (CA), Onion, brown and red (CA, OR, WA, Mexico),  Oranges (CA), Oregano (CA), Parsley, Italian Parsley (CA),  Pasilla chili (Mexico), Pears, D’Anjou pears (OR, Chile), Portabella Mushrooms (CA), Potatoes, Russet, Fingerling, Red and Yukon gold (CA, WA, ID, FL), Radish bunch, loose and Watermelon (CA, Mexico), Red Bell Peppers (Mexico, Holland), Red Fresno (Mexico), Red Pears (OR, Chile), Romaine Hearts, Garden Hearts (CA), Rosemary (CA, Mexico), Shallots (CA, Mexico), Snap peas, fresh (Mexico, Chile), Spinach, clean (CA), Sunchokes (WA), Tangerines (CA, Chile), Thyme (CA, Mexico), Tomatoes, Roma (CA,  Mexico), Yams medium (CA), Yellow Squash, Straightneck or Crookneck (CA, Mexico), Zucchini (CA, Mexico).


Kato Cut Flowers, Inc., Watsonville, 44-001 – No Longer a Participant


Prevedelli Farms, Watsonville, 44-005 - No Longer a Participant.


Provide Berries, Inc. (DBA Cherry Moon Farms), Rocklin, 31-001

Apples (OR, WA, New Zealand), Cherries (CA, OR, WA), Grapefruit (AZ, CA, TX), Kiwi (CA, Chile, New Zealand), Mandarins (CA, Australia, South Africa), Mangos (Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru), Oranges (CA,  Australia, Chile, South Africa), Papaya (HI), Pears (CA, OR, WA), Pineapples (Ecuador), Strawberries (CA), and Tangelos (CA, Australia, South Africa).


Starcross Community, Annapolis, CA 49-05

Oregon Origin: Abies procera (Noble Fir), Calocedrus decurrens (Incense Cedar), and Juniperus occidentalis (Western Juniper).


Munchery, South San Francisco, CA 41-002

Artichoke-Hurt Bottom (CA), Arugula Herb (CA), Avocado-Hass (Mexico), Bean-Blue Lake (CA),  Blueberry (Argentina), Broccoli (CA), Cabbage-green & red (chopped) (CA), Carrot (CA), Cauliflower (CA), Cilantro-Herb (CA, Mexico), Cress Upland (CA),Garlic (China), Jicama-Matchstix (chopped) (CA), Kale (CA), Lemon (CA), Mint Herb (Mexico), Onion-Green, BBQ (Mexico), Onion Red (CA, OR),  Oregano Herb (CA), Parsley-Herb (CA, Mexico), Pepper- Bell-Gold, Green & Red (CA),   Potato-Peewee Mix (ID), Quinoa-Red Organic (Bolivia),  Rau Ram (Vietnamese Coriander) (CA), Spinach-Baby (CA), Strawberry (CA), Squash-Zuc (chopped) (CA),  Tomato-Cherry and Grape Red (Mexico), Veggie-Power Blend (pre-package) (CA), Watercress (CA).


Chef’d, 291 Coral Circle, El Segundo, CA 19-002

Asparagus Medium (Mexico), Apple Granny Smith and Fuji (WA), Avocado (Mexico), Baby Arugula (AZ), Baby Spinach (AZ), Baby Bok Choy (CA), Baby White Turnips (CA), Baby Candy Stripe Beets (CA), Basil Herb (CA), Bean Blue Lake Green (Mexico), Beets Gold (Med) and Red Baby (CA), Bell Pepper Hot House, Red, Gold and Green (Mexico), Blueberry Driscoll (Mexico), Broccolini (AZ), Broccoli Florets (AZ), Cabbage Green, Red and Shred Grn Thin (CA), Carrot Matchstick (CA, CO), Cauliflower Cello and Florets (AZ), Chile Jalapeno, Pasilla and Red Fresno (Mexico), Chives Herb (CA), Choisum  (CA), Cilantro Herb (CA), Corn Yellow Fresh and on Cobb (Mexico), Cucumber Mini Seedless (Mexico), Dill Herb (CA), DM Pineapple Spears (Costa Rica), Eggplant Chinese Large (Mexico), Fennel Bulbs Cln/Trm (AZ), Frisee Lettuce (AZ), Flower Banana Leaf (Mexico), Garlic Loose Jumbo (China), Ginger Fresh and Root Ginger Fesh Chinese (China), Grape Snack Pack (Chile), Herb Fresh Oregano (Mexico), Herb Fresh Lemon Grass (CA), Herb Watercress (CA), Leeks Bunch (AZ), Leeks Trimmed (CA), Lemon Sunkist (CA), Lime (Mexico), Lettuce Boston, Romaine Heart and Escarole (AZ, CA), Let Kale Org. De-Stemmed (CA), Mango (Peru), Marjoram Herb (CA), Mint Herb (CA), Mushroom Bch Brwn Shmji, Crimini, Portabella Rtles and Shitake (CA, China), Onion Cippolini Peeled (CO,  CA), Onion Red Medium, Jbo and Medium Yellow (ID), Onion Green Mexican and Grn Clean (Mexico), Orange Sunkist (CA), Parsley Ital. Herb (CA), Peaches (CA),  Peas Sugar No/String Roger and Snow China (AZ, CA), Potato, Potato Baker, Potato Red Creamrs, Yukon Creamers and Yukon Gold (WA, CA, ID), Radish Fresh (AZ), Rainbow Chard (AZ), Rosemary Herb (CA), Root Gobo/Burdock (Taiwan), Rutabaga Diced (CA), Sage Herb (CA), Salad mix (CA), Shallots whole Peeled and whole Fresh (CA), Spinach Cleaned (AZ), Squash Italian Fancy, Butternut Cubes and Strght Yellow (Mexico), Sprouts Brussels Sml (Mexico), Swiss Chard Rainbow (CA), Tangerine Mandarin (CA), Tarragon Herb (CA), Thyme Herb (CA), Tomato Roma and Xlrg. Hot House (Mexico), Tomatillo Peeled (Mexico), Yucca Root Peeled 1 (Mexico)