1.   Multiple Name Nurseries: The following nurseries ship under different names but their supply of nursery stock is from the same source. Multiple names are as follows:


California:           Williams Sonoma/Gardeners Eden

Illinois:                Burgess Seed Company/Four Seasons/Plantron/Richard Owens Company

Michigan:            Michigan Bulb/Flower of the Month/The Garden Store/Publishers Clearing House/Walter Drake

Oregon:              Harry & David/Bear Creek Orchard

South Carolina:  Park Seed Company/Cook'sGardens / Wayside Gardens


2.   Multiple Use Quarantine Certificates: Permission has been given to some states (including but not limited to those mentioned below) to signify on their certificates "Meets the requirements of California Quarantine Sections 3252 - 3259 - 3261 - 3271", or similar statements. This statement will be on the certificate from the origin state. States using this condensed form include: Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina.

3.   "Test Tube Babies" or other brand name of tissue cultured plants, growing in a sterile test tube, would present no pest risk and may be released as far as California quarantines are concerned.


      The following information is from a USDA letter regarding tissue culture plants from foreign counties, "Plants established in a growing medium are prohibited entry into the United states from all foreign countries except Canada. However, plants exported from the United States in sealed containers may be re-imported, provided the containers have not been opened, and sufficient evidence of United States origin accompanies the plants. Provided the tissue cultured plants arrive in the United States uncontaminated, and in unopened packages which bear identification as having originated in the United States, they will be allowed entry."



(Note: Entries in this memo will be updated on a regular basis.)